Collect Pay Direct™ and Purchase Finance Direct™

Corporate Digital Direct

“Working capital when you need it most”

Funding available from $15,000 to $750,000

  • No application fees or down payment requirement
  • Pre-approval for future financing
  • No effect on personal credit score
  • No hidden fees (not a promotional rate program)
  • Graduated & deferred monthly payment options
  • Additional access to working capital

Collect Pay Direct
Your story matters to us! If your business is facing collection issues, COD or on credit hold we can help get you the capital you need on terms you can live with. Our proprietary process makes it faster and easier for business owners facing collection issues. We help  businesses of all credit situations to get the best financing option possible.  Save time and money while avoiding the long term collection distractions.

Purchase Finance Direct
The most flexible purchase finance solution for new purchases for clients that you are not extending credit to.

Offer a financing option for your products or services so your customers can buy now and pay later on a pace that works with their business.

Our rapid portal allows you to determine how much you qualify for so you can spread out payments over time on larger ticket items. Purchase Finance partners include material suppliers, vendors, consultants, equipment sales, media sales as well as other providers of large purchase products and services for businesses.

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Experian Business Credit Advantage℠

Experian Credit Educator

Experian can help you gain the knowledge you need to better manage your business credit information and get access to financing.
For only $149/year you will receive:

  • Daily monitoring of Experian’s most complete credit report on your business
  • Unlimited access to your Experian business credit report and score
  • Email alerts to inform you of changes
  • Score tracking, trends and planning tips for improvement

Experian also offers single business credit reports for as low as $39.95 each.

Experian Business Credit Advantage is brought to you by Experian’s

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Experian Consumer Credit Educator℠

 Experian Credit Educator

Experian Credit Educator can help you understand your credit report and credit score
For only $39.95, you will receive:

  • A detailed walk through of your credit report components
  • Your credit score and benchmark credit scores for your region, state, and the United States
  • An explanation of the factors contributing to your credit score
  • Specific examples of actions that may improve your score
  • Insight for future decisions in credit management

Not available in WI. Must be at least 18 years of age with a current U.S. address

Experian Credit Educator brought to you by Experian’s Education Division.

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